National Burger Day #asdaMEATup

*All photos from Talented Talkers as Leigh idiotically forgot her SD card - hurrah!

Last week we attended our first ever event as a blogging duo: the #asdaMEATup in honour of National Burger Day. Quite fitting really, don'tcha think?! The event was hosted by Asda and the gang at Talented Talkers in a sleek, coastal apartment not too far from the centre of Brighton. Yup, that's two of our favourite B's in one event: burgers and Brighton!

The evening started cheerfully as we met at Brighton station to be greeted by a huge yellow, hunk of metal that was our transport for the evening. The Big Lemon bus, which you certainly won't miss by a mile off, is an eco-friendly, sustainable bus service that was running off of chip oil for the evening. It actually smelt a little like a deep fat fryer as it passed us by and had our stomaches rumbling!

Upon arrival we were greeted with the choice of a gin & tonic or Pimm's, which had us in high spirits instantly. Whilst waiting on the first round of burgers to be served up we explored the house, nattered away, drank maybe a little too much and introduced ourselves to fellow bloggers as BURGERFACE. The event was full of Brighton bloggers and although we're Southampton inhabitants, everyone welcomed us with open arms and commended our dedication for travelling the width of the south coast for a few burgers.

When the first round of burgers were dished up, 40 hungry bloggers scurried down to the patio to form a queue. We were such eager beavers that we were towards the front of the queue and managed to nab ourselves an Angus cheese & bacon burger each.

The full burger menu for the evening was as follows:

  • BBQ Pulled Pork Burgers with 'slaw & parsley
  • Vintage Cheddar Beef Burgers with bacon, mayo, relish & salad
  • Halloumi burger with red pepper, houmous, aubergine, lettuce & tomato
  • Mushroom Burgers with guacamole, mozzarella cheese, rosemary, tomatoes& rocket
  • Lemon & honey sea bass
  • BBQ-ed salmon with cucumber yoghurt
  • And desert was Eton mess or fruit salad

The vintage cheddar beef burgers were grilled perfectly with a little pink in the centre and we ravenously inhaled them in our tipsy, merry state. Although hazy under the spell of a few too many gin concoctions, the burgers were absolutely delicious! Unfortunately the burgers did run out pretty swiftly, but we were still able to sample the BBQ pulled pork burger and a halloumi-houmous-guacamole mash-up!

All of the burgers served that evening were created entirely from Asda products and their BBQ range available here.

Thanks Talented Talkers welcoming us, force-feeding us burgers and having us at our first ever event!


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  1. Really enjoyed your company at the event and the bus journey back! Good luck with Burgerface:)


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