*James' hair is now approximately 6 inches longer than the photo above as he's now on the path to resembling a blonde Jesus.

It's common courtesy to start with an introduction, right?

We are BURGERFACE: a blog dedicated solely to our unrequited love for burgers. We're Leigh & James: two burger enthusiasts on a quest to find the ultimate burger. This is our little corner of the internet to share our burger restaurant reviews, recipes and other burger-related fun. BURGER FUN. We're still getting to grips with our blog, so please bear with us in the meantime.

If you wanna get to know us a little better, why not head over to our 'About Us' page.


P.S. A HUUUUGGGEEE thank you to Erica for coming to our rescue and suggesting the name BURGERFACE & thanks to Shaun for constantly throwing suggestions our way. YOU THE BEST, GUYS!


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