Review: Burger Bar Express, Amsterdam

Burger Bar Express Amsterdam
Burger Bar Express Amsterdam
Warmoesstraat 70, 1012 JH Amsterdam, Netherlands // Website
Pictured: Single Beef Burger with Cheddar Cheese & Grilled Bacon

The second burger joint we decided to try out whilst visiting Amsterdam was Burger Bar Express, a brand new takeaway concept as part of the Burger Bar restaurant chain dotted around the city. Burger Bar Express is a new venture that focuses predominantly on a more affordable takeaway burger, whilst it's long-standing Burger Bar sister restaurants offers more of a restaurant dining experience with a wider selection of patties and toppings. The Express is only a 30 second walk away from a Burger Bar restaurant, so you have the choice between a dine in burger or fast food option.

We decided upon the single beef burger with cheddar cheese and grilled bacon, which came to €4.90; a standard price for a takeaway burger. However, this burger was above par to your typical, local kebab shop. It's clear that Burger Bar Express has taken tips from it's older, more knowing sibling, Burger Bar; just because you're an express takeaway, doesn't mean you have to compromise on quality. Burger Bar Express follows this mantra as the patties are the right amount of pink and deliciously succulent, falling apart as you bite into them. The burger sauce was a standard concoction with a bit of truffle oil thrown in for flavour. Pretty damn delicious!

Although the bun was a little more disappointing, for the price you're paying you really cannot complain! If you're out in Amsterdam central in the evening and need a quick bite to eat that won't put you out of pocket, then it's worth dropping by the brand new BBE.

Burger Bar Express Amsterdam
Burger Bar Express Amsterdam
Burger Bar Express Amsterdam


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