Review: The Butcher, Amsterdam

The Butcher Amsterdam

Albert Cuypstraat 129, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Pictured: 'The Butcher with Cheese'

When we visited Amsterdam at the beginning of the year we had The Butcher burger bar on our 'must visit' list for a bite to eat. However, we spent the majority of our trip intoxicated and never made it there. During our recent trip we actually stumbled across it whilst weaving our way through the stalls of famous Albert Cuypmarkt. We were making our way towards a waffle stand for a sweet rather than savoury lunch as I had been craving a waffle all week. Then, James clocked The Butcher almost entirely hidden behind the waffle stand. I never did get to eat that waffle.

The front of The Butcher is pretty striking and isn't the most inviting restaurant for a veggie (although they do serve veggie options) as it displays a hanging taxidermy cow in the front window. It is called 'The Butcher' after all. The interior has an almost clinical vibe to it that is reminiscent of a traditional butcher's shop with white tiles decorated with anatomical illustrations of meat cuts and silver, steel furnishings. The only thing that sits between you and the kitchen is a pane of glass meaning you can watch as your burger is grilled and built in front of you.

We ordered The Butcher with Cheese between us although we are full-on regretting not trying out The Ugly (a spicy burger in a tortilla wrap - mmm!) after stalking tagged photos on Instagram. Next time we're in Amsterdam, we're re-visiting just for that bad boy! It took around 15 minutes before our burger was ready for us, which was a little longer than our stomaches anticipated. But to be fair, this is because every burger at The Butcher is freshly prepared on the spot and slow-grilled by the chef.

HOLY SHIT, this burger was worth the wait! The Butcher with Cheese consisted of an Aberdeen Angus patty topped with lettuce, tomato, gherkin, grilled onion and Edam cheese in a brioche bun. The patty was cooked perfectly pink and was well-formed meaning it wasn't too messy to eat. For such a simple burger, it had us hungry for more and still thinking about it two weeks later!

If you're in Amsterdam, it's worth definitely travelling a little further out of the city centre to indulge in a burger from The Butcher. We'll definitely be re-visiting to devour the rest of the menu!

The Butcher Amsterdam
The Butcher Amsterdam
The Butcher Amsterdam
The Butcher Amsterdam


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