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Pictured: Prince Charles Is Overrated & Dreadlock Rasta

7Bone Burger Co. is our loyal and local burger bar that is only a five minute bus journey away from our bed. It has been there for us when we've suffered desperate burger cravings and needed something to feed our growling stomaches. In fact, it's the first place we ever had a 'proper' dinner date together. That's right - we can probably thank 7Bone for the foundation of our relationship! It's been a favourite burger restaurant for us both ever since we first took a bite into their Prince Charles Is Overrated burger a few years ago and it's quality has always been consistent. In fact whenever we visit another burger bar, in our minds we always seem to rate it on a scale of '1 to 7Bone'. We're pretty smitten with the place.

We decided to take a trip back to 7Bone, but remain as open-minded as possible so we could deliver an unbiased review.

Atmosphere: The restaurant itself is a little on the small side. You do find yourself edging around chairs as 7Bone have filled the space with as many tables as possible to cater to their demand. They have built up a bit of a cult following in the local area since their opening and being featured on a BBC documentary a while back, meaning every time we've visited it's been pretty busy. They abide by a strict no reservation policy too, so you have to turn up and hope for the best or avoid peak times if you'd rather not wait. However, this time when we visited on a Saturday afternoon we were lucky in the fact we were seated right away, despite the restaurant being almost full. Do be aware this isn't always the case and we've had to wait over an hour for a table a couple of times before.

Due to word of mouth and a carefully implemented social media strategy, 7Bone have enticed almost everyone and their mothers to their doorstep. And we mean that, literally. On the afternoon we visited the restaurant was filled with an assortment of characters from local students to mums accompanied by their crying, screaming offspring. Now, you really can't challenge a restaurant for it's overwhelming popularity and everyone that eats there, but there was a little terror who reached a whole new pitch of screaming whilst we were eating that dampened our experience a little. 

The staff however are absolutely wonderful and attentive, without being too in your face all the time. There's nothing I hate more than a waiter/waitress coming over half way through your meal to ask if everything's alright, timed to the moment when you're inhaling half of your burger and have to splutter it all out. The 7Bone staff leave you to eat, but are on call if you need an extra roll of kitchen towel!

The décor follows that rundown, stripped back uniform that a lot of new restaurants seem to be adopting; there's a lot of exposed brickwork and peeling wallpaper. To the left hand side of the bar is a huge chalkboard wall with that day's specials and drink deals. The rustic, laid back feel with the décor suits the laid back, comfort food on offer.

Patty: Upon ordering the Prince Charles is Overrated burger, James was asked if he wanted his burger pink. We assume this is because there is still quite a lot of people out there who seem to assume pink burgers are raw and dangerous to eat when in fact burgers are supposed to be served pink the middle. James did specify he wanted his burger pink, but when it arrived it was disappointingly cooked through. This is the first time this has ever happened with 7Bone, so it's easy for us to note this as miscommunication somewhere along the line. Despite being cooked through, the burger was not at all overcooked and still had a soft bite. 7Bone's beef patties are notorious for being juicy and mouthwateringly greasy and this patty did not disappoint. The Prince Charles Is Overrated burger is an aged beef patty teamed with bacon, cheese, shredded iceberg lettuce, pickles and ‘dirty spread. Have we got your mouth watering yet? Thought so.

I (Leigh) also ordered the Dreadlock Rasta burger, which is potentially one of the best chicken burgers that has ever passed my lips (maybe secondary only to Patty & Bun's buttermilk chicken - holy moly!). The chicken is coated in a thick, blood orange coloured, buffalo sauce, which is just about the right heat intensity but is absolutely not for the faint hearted. The 'dirty spread' does however help cool the mouth a little as you're eating it! They also offer buffalo chicken wings as a side with a blue cheese dip, which I can't wait to order on our next visit.

7Bone always serve their burgers in a deliciously, sweet brioche bun, which compliments the contents perfectly and is great at soaking up the excess juices.

Everything Else: 7Bone take as much consideration preparing their sides as they do their burgers. We've sampled the delights of their magnificent mac 'n' cheese and their heart-stoppingly good chilli cheese fries, but this time we ordered a side of Dirty Fries slathered in their in-house 'dirty spread and bacon bits. 7Bone aren't afraid on holding back on the portion sizes, so don't let your eyes be bigger than your belly! One side is big enough to share between two alongside a burger each.

Drinks: The salted caramel milkshakes deserve a review of their own! Hell, we'd go back just for a milkshake. If you're after soft drinks, they're a little more on the pricey side. However, 7Bone do stock a selection of local ales for those that like a beer to accompany their burger. Who doesn't?!

7Bone have got that gift of delivering you a burger that you just won't stop thinking about for months on end, which eventually drags you back there. If you're not a fan of getting messy whilst eating, then 7Bone probably isn't for you. However, it's important to remember the messier the burger, the BETTER the burger! They've also opened a second branch in Bournemouth, which we're yet to visit. If you're closer to B-Town, then you can find 7Bone Bournemouth at the following address:

9 Gervis Pl, Bournemouth BH1 2AN

It's safe to say our feelings still remain the same regarding 7Bone. We're still besotted with their burgers.


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