Review: The White Star Tavern Burger, Southampton

The White Star Tavern Burger Review
The White Star Tavern Burger Review

White Star Tavern, 28 Oxford St, Southampton, SO14 3DJ // Website
Pictured: 'White Star Burger'

A couple of weeks ago we were invited to The White Star Tavern to indulge in their evening menu. 

Of course, our first instinct was to search out a burger option and we were not disappointed. Sat comfortably at the top of their main course section is the White Star Tavern Burger. There is only one burger option on the White Star's menu as it is a restaurant that serves a lot of classic dishes, but we could not resist the pull of the burger. Well, James couldn't anyway.

James ordered the White Star Tavern Burger as his main dish and here are his thoughts on it:

When I think about it, this could just be the second burger I have ever eaten without cheese - well at least since I ditched the hamburger happy meal for a double cheeseburger back in '03! I'm sorry, I shouldn't be comparing this beautifully crafted burger to a McDonald's. Anyway, moving on...

The White Star Tavern burger, albeit different from my usual double beef patty doused in cheese and covered in bacon, offered something a lot more upmarket than that of what I am used to:

No grease, no cheese, no bacon. 

It is definitely a confident burger to go naked without the cover of cheese and salty bacon. We are used to our burgers leaking grease and sauce all over our hands whilst we're trying to devour it. It seems to be the standard for burger dives and bars that are popping up everywhere right now.

However, the White Star Tavern Burger is quite simply an honest, juicy burger with flavours that complimented each other perfectly. The patty was placed on top of a layer of crisp lettuce and beneath that was a thin layer of sweet red onion jam. It also contained a couple of beautiful beer battered onion rings, some red onion and pickles to finish off one of the most delicious burgers I've ever had the pleasure of eating!

The sweet onion jam, pickles, lettuce coupled with one of the most succulent tasty patties that I just cannot stop thinking about. It was just pure beefy goodness teamed with serving of deliciously fluffy, triple cooked chips.

I would definitely say the White Star Burger is a must try for any serious burger eater in Southampton!

The White Star Tavern Burger Review


  1. OMG I'm so hungry right now and this looks like a right temptation!

    "No grease, no cheese, no bacon" sounds perfect to me. I'd really would love to visit this burger place on my next visit to Southampton.

  2. Oooooh now THAT is a burger!! Such a shame they're not in London, I'd love to devour one of these babies.


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